I am a creator, a tinkerer, and an enthusiast of life and art. I dig personal style, fashion, textiles, visual merchandising, and social media, among other things.  I extract beauty and meaning from every experience. I am a phoenix that evolves everyday.  I am no myth, I just create my own path, and in doing so my own identity. Originally from Arkansas, I have recently spread my wings and migrated to the Northeast! I am currently residing in Columbia, Maryland. I am thrilled about this new journey and can't wait for the magic of this new chapter to unfold day by day. 

 Over the past eight years, I have gained a variety of hard and soft skills that has created the projection of myself that is presented here.  My experience spans from retail (point of sale), to my own creative endeavors,  to quality assessment (including stages of pre-production and production).  

Welcome to one of my many creative spaces, I am the creative tinkerer. 


Images courtesy of Tazonio Anderson.